Welcome to SmartyHost!

Since SmartyHost started in 1999 we've made it our mission to provide affordable and reliable webhosting, domain name and email solutions to Australians and to help them grow and succeed online.

Today we provide services to over 60,000 Australian businesses, individuals and community groups of all sizes. We have grown over the years but our philosophy remains the same – provide great technology at a great price with a focus on the necessary.

Our solutions are built on rock solid, Enterprise grade technologies like Microsoft Exchange and Cloud Linux. We keep our prices down by cutting away the fluff. We don't clutter our services with superfluous 'features' that confuse without providing any benefit. And this focus flows through to our support.

Our staff gains deep knowledge on the core things that matter, rather than broad knowledge about things our customers will never use. Our focus and our excellent training systems allow us to provide consistently high levels of customer service.

SmartyHost is backed by Uber Global Pty Ltd, Australia's second largest webhost and hosted on the same infrastructure as Uber's Enterprise clients. If in time you need complex web solutions then we have you covered, but to us it doesn't make sense to pay for something now that you may never use.

In 15 years we've seen technology change and evolve but the one thing that will never change is our commitment to your success. It pushes us to provide you with great service and support at a keen price. You have peace of mind knowing that we will be right here, ready to grow with you and take on the challenge of 'whatever tomorrow brings'.

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